Principal’s Communique

Dr. Poonam B. Chauhan


KBS Commerce & Nataraj Prof. Sci. College, Vapi.

At the very outset I congratulate you for planning for College Education after successful completion of your school Education. Now you are inching ahead to achieve your goal of professional cum higher degree. After passing School Education student find difficulty in Marking the choice of best institute for under graduate and Post graduate studies.

"As we sow, So we reap" is a familiar saying to all of us. Accordingly to reap success, we must sow the correct seeds and perform the correct deeds at the right time. You are master of your fate and make of your destiny. You just need someone to help you bring out the best of you So it is the right time to select the best institute to achieve your goal.

On behalf of KBS & NATARAJ College, it gives me Pleasure to invite you to the Institute and Explore Possible interaction.